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SDCC 2017 | SHADOWHUNTERS Interview with Harry Shum, Jr., Matthew Daddario, and Isaiah Mustafa

We sit down with SHADOWHUNTERS stars Harry Shum, Jr., Matthew Daddario, and Isaiah Mustafa and hilarity ensues.

This interview session with ShadowhuntersHarry Shum, Jr., Matthew Daddario, and Isaiah Mustafa turns into something more during the course of the few minutes we have with them.

When asked for a teaser about what to look forward to, they looked upon us mischievously before Matthew answered. “There’s a lot more play than we’re currently aware of. There are some people working behind the scenes for a variety of shady reasons,” he explained as Isaiah nodded in agreement. “And they come from all areas, in all the different heroes of the show don’t recognize that these people are hopping on in here and figuring things out! Coming on in, planning little things on the side, trying to screw Alec over! That’s what the show is about. ‘How do you screw Alec over!'” 

At this point, both Harry and Isaiah just go along with it.

In regards to Malec, Harry talks about how they are kind of representing real people, real couples, but Matthew has a different take on things. “They put walls up, right? People who are hiding from themselves are defined that way by putting those walls up. And I think that some people tyry to act out a little bit like, Magnus is kind of hiding himself by hiding in plain site by putting on peacock feathers.”

It was at this point that the interview that things start turning a little humorous. But they get the point across that people relate to them because of how they hide themselves and how they have to be their true selves.

As far as Alec being the person in charge, Daddario noted that Alec is not really in charge of much. Mustafa said Alec is like the “JV assistant coach.” Daddario added that “he was on the job for three days before there was a question about him getting fired from the job. And that’s- c’mon! That’s a ridiculous system.” 

For some reason, Shum, Jr. then asked Daddario about if the Clave is a non-profit organization, to which the conversation becomes a bit more hilarious, with Mustafa asking how the Clave profits with what Daddario calls a “semi-military organization.”

The Q&A has somewhat turned off-topic with the three conversing about how the Shadowhunters earn money, which the video should be watched at this point and not read.

When they finally conclude their conversation, we asked them about what Malec, the most stable couple in the series at the moment, would say to their fellow friends in regards to their relationships.

“Stahhhp f*cking around!” stated Matthew, which Harry agreed with, however, pointed out that Isaiah’s character is on the other side of that sentiment.

“But for Luke, he needs to start f*cking around!” To which Isaiah very much agreed with. Harry demonstrates with the move of his shoulders how Mustafa needs to do so, and Matthew finds himself cracking up.

When they’re able to answer another question, it’s about Luke and his part as a leader/role model. “It all falls down like a house of cards. Luke realizes that, ‘I can only do so much.’ Clary’s not listening to me. Simon only listens to me when he needs something. These two, they got their own thing…”

You’ll have to watch the video to truly appreciate the humor that these three brought to the interview.

We’ll have to agree with Matthew. “This turned out fun!”

Shadowhunters airs on Mondays at 8pm on Freeform.

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