SHADOWHUNTERS Introduces Imogen Herondale In ‘Blood Calls To Blood’ Clip

Alec and Lydia can’t save Isabelle from Inquisitor Imogen Herondale in SHADOWHUNTERS sneak peek!

Shadowhunters is giving us our first look at Imogen Herondale aka The Inquisitor in a new clip!

In the clip, Lydia tells Alec that The Inquisitor of the Clave is coming to the New York Institute right away to start Isabelle’s trial. The two are stilling looking for Clary and Jace, as well as a solid defense that proves Isabelle’s innocence. But before they can figure anything out, one seriously intimidating presence makes her way into the room!

Inquisitor Imogen Herondale, played by Mimi Kuzyk, may seem like just another harsh authority figure to those who only watch the show, but fans of The Mortal Instruments novels know that she plays a much more integral role in the adventure. But of course, she’s got to stir up a little trouble first!

‘Blood Calls To Blood’ airs Tuesday, March 22nd on Freeform.

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