SHADOWHUNTERS Introduces Madame Dorothea, Valentine’s New Henchman

SHADOWHUNTERS filming day 2 gave fans their first glimpse at Madame Dorothea just as an original character is announced!

New images from day 2 of SHADOWHUNTERS filming have revealed a new actress on the set! In the photos, we see Clary (Kat McNamara) talking to and embracing a mystery character who many assumed who either Madame Dorothea or Simon’s girlfriend:



Though we still don’t have the name of the actress behind the character, Cassandra Clare took the Twitter to confirm that this is Clary’s downstairs neighbor “Dot” aka Madame Dorothea, who plays a pretty pivotal role in the CITY OF BONES plot.

Casting is amazing, but the fact that Simon’s girlfriend was cut from the script may be even better news.

There’s also a great shot of Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray!


Cassie also confirmed an IMDB rumor that actress Mouna Traore will be joining the cast as Midori:


Named after our favorite alcoholic beverage (just kidding! …kind of), Midori is a wholly original character designed by showrunner Ed Decter who will reportedly be one of Valentine’s Shadowhunter henchmen.

We’ll be updating you all all the goodies filming brings along, so keep checking back!