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We talk with SHADOWHUNTERS’ Jade Hassouné about his character

Jade Hassouné, who plays Meliorn on the show SHADOWHUNTERS, spent some time answering some questions about his unique character.

The Shadowhunters series has been known to introduce some very talented actors to network television and one of those talented actors is Jade Hassouné. He has made appearances on several Canadian shows, including Heartland and That’s My DJ, and now he can add Freeform’s Shadowhunters to his credentials. We got to ask him about his role as Meliorn, the half faerie who we don’t know whether to love or hate.

What has it been like working on Shadowhunters?

It’s been a dream in so many ways! It’s been life-changing. It’s been a blessing and challenging at times. I’ve met beautiful people that I will love forever.
Photo by Sven Frenzel/Freeform – © 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

What’s the process like transforming into Meliorn and, just out of curiosity, have you ever had any issues with the ears?

Great question! The process is very fun. It takes about an hour and a bit to get into the full get up, and I have to stop at three different stations. Usually I get the prosthetics on first: the ears — and now the scars — then I get my hair done, followed by the lead tattoos all over my face and neck. After that I get dressed in either his casual clothes or the armor, which requires a dressing team to help. And the ears? I think in season 1 we had more issues because the ears were bigger and covering my whole ear; they would unstick from the inside of my ear but I never noticed… it was more the makeup people. I always forget they are on! Now it’s only the tip of my ears that are covered and it’s always okay!
Many people are conflicted about Meliorn — do you think he’s more of a good guy or more of a bad guy?
Ooh, interesting. He’s a bit of both. Faeries are half angel and half demon. They work on their own terms and will join the good or evil side depending on how it benefits them. Of course he cares about Isabelle and about being an honorable being and so will help and repay debts, but he is also tied to the Seelie Queen, and so will have to do what she orders.
How was Meliorn’s role in the show affected by Jace activating The Mortal Sword?
Meliorn and the Queen lost some of their best warriors. Depending on if she wants revenge or not, that will determine what their next move is. I think overall though, Meliorn understands that war comes with casualties.
What has been your favorite scene to work on during the show so far?
It’s been in season 1, episode 10 when Meliorn opens the portal in the Seelie glade. In season 2 it was fighting alongside Izzy and Raphael. It was very fun and cool. There are also some cool Seelie Realm things you have yet to see!
Can you tease us about what Meliorn’s next appearance on the show?
Towards the end of the season!
We asked this question to Isaiah Mustafa and we’d like to ask you the same. Which fellow cast member would you like to have a fight scene with? 
I love Isaiah so much! I’d love to have a scene alongside Alberto (Simon)! He’s the only one who I haven’t worked with yet. We are great friends off screen and always geek out over the books and have deep talks about the craft of acting.
Outside of Shadowhunters, and being that you’re a comic book fan, if you could play a superhero character, which superhero would you want to be?
I would love to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer! People would argue about her being a superhero, but bring it on.
One more thing, do you think Meliorn can sing? And if so, what are the chances of seeing him sing on the show?
Oh my god, I would love to sing on the show! A lot of us have musical talent. Alberto gets to explore it and I’m so happy about it! Hopefully the rest of us will too. Musical episode, anyone?
Shadowhunters airs on Mondays at 8pm on Freeform.

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