Watch these SHADOWHUNTERS “Malec” sneak peeks

Watch these “Malec” sneak peeks and feel your heart beat with love for our ships

Freeform has released three clips to this week’s episode. These “Malec” sneak peeks just make this episode more exciting. “Malec” is the second to last episode of the first season of Shadowhunters, and will surely send hearts aflutter. With a title like that (if you’re unawares, it’s the “ship” name for the coupling of Magnus and Alec, although we’re not sure how long we have to wait before it actually becomes canon in the TV series,) it’s sure to peak pretty much the whole Shadowhunters fan community.

Official Synopsis:

The Institute is in full swing as everyone is preparing for the wedding of Alec and Lydia. Lydia is getting final touches made on her wedding dress, the wedding decorations are set and Isabelle is trying to figure out a way to throw a traditional, mundane bachelor party for her brother – whether he likes it or not. During what should be a time of great celebration for many is far from it as they examine their relationships. Alec is struggling on two sides – his wedding is one of the biggest days in his life and his parabatai should be at his side, yet he and Jace are still at odds. Alec also continues to struggle with his feelings for Magnus, especially when Magnus won’t give up on Alec. And as the Institute is buzzing with romance, Clary is desperate to work things out with Jace, but he is keeping her at arm’s length.

In the first sneak peek, it shows us that Hodge, Magnus, Clary, and Jace are trying to determine which warlock helped Jocelyn, but when Magnus leaves, he’s confronted by a certain tall dark-haired nephilim.

In the second sneak peak, we see Isabelle and Alec having another brother-sister talk and she pops a surprise on him. .

In the third sneak peak, Jace and Clary tell Isabelle that the Institute has a mole. Can anyone figure it out?

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

 Watch these Shadowhunters "Malec" sneak peeks

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