SHADOWHUNTERS Night Shoots Keep Fans Awake

SHADOWHUNTERS Night Shoots Keeps Fans Awake

The cast and crew of Shadowhunters had just recently finished up filming the first episode for the series, and now they’re on episode two.  Needless to say, all involved have probably had to adjust their body clocks to these many night shoots they’ve had to do to.  But these Shadowhunters night shoots keeps fans awake, too!

Since social media is so prevalent in the world these days, we take our news and information through many of those media apps, including that of Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.  Show runner Ed Dector, director McG, and the actors are no exception to this as they’ve taken up the duty of keeping fans updated with images and video of the actors behind the scenes and during training and rehearsals, often late at night.


Of course, this type of gratuitous awesomeness comes at a price as fans are tweeting back with not only thanks, but also pleas to stop (but not really) with the constant updates so they can sleep or just get on with life.  Alas, that’s the limit to the complaints.  For the most part, we welcome these amazing images and videos.

Fans around the world are embracing this new cast (as compared the the cast from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, bless them) with open arms, and we, too, have accepted them fully as Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike.  I mean, how can we not when you see these images!

Mother and daughter Fray – Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) and Clary (Kat McNamara)

The duo that make up Sizzy, Emeraude Toubia and Alberto Rosende!

I love the idea that Clary got to draw up her own “art” onto the band’s van

The badass trio

Dominic Sherwood is Jace

Matthew Daddario is Alec

This just screams AU fan fiction – Clagnus and the interruption of Jace

Seraph training with Simon, Jace, and Clary… or is it Alberto, Dominic, and Kat?

Decisions, decisions.

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Harry Shum, Jr. brings out dancing Magnus!

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