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SHADOWHUNTERS Promises Jocelyn’s Story in ‘Of Men And Angels’ Previews

Clary will learn the dark story ‘Of Men And Angels’ on SHADOWHUNTERS!

It wasn’t easy for Clary Fray to discover that she’s a half-angel demon hunter whose father is the most twisted, despised man in the supernatural world, but she’ll discover there’s more to the story on the next episode of Shadowhunters, ‘Of Men And Angels.’

Luke is having a bit of a werewolf meltdown. But Magnus Bane is in the case and once all is said and done, Clary will finally get the full story of the Circle’s formation, the relationship between Jocelyn, Luke, and Valentine, and how Jocelyn and Luke finally escaped it all. The explanation will also include flashbacks features younger versions of the characters in The Circle!

Oh, and Malec. All the Malec!

We’re also getting a look at how ex-Circle members are now relating with the younger generations in two clips from the episode.

First, Clary has a hard time coming to grips with Luke’s return. She’s weary after she heard her father figure writing her off to Valentine’s men, followed by her disappearance. But her main concern is that with his vast knowledge of the Shadow World, Luke simply hasn’t done enough to help save her mother.

On the flip side, Isabelle is receiving a scolding from her father figure. He’s definitely a harsh character, more concerned with restoring the Lightwood family’s “good name” with The Clave than the well-being of his children. It seems like Alec and Izzy don’t know their parents’ secret yet!

‘Of Men And Angels’ airs Tuesday, February 16th on FreeForm.

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