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SHADOWHUNTERS Recap – Episode 3004 “Thy Soul Instructed”

Jace questions his mental state, while a newbie vampire seeks revenge in the SHADOWHUNTERS episode “Thy Soul Instructed.”

Warning: This is an episode recap, so spoilers! 

From what we saw at the end of last week’s Shadowhunters episode “What Lies Beneath,” we now know that Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is The Owl.

He arrives at Lilith’s (Anna Hopkins) apartment and tells her the bad news about losing Morgan (Genevieve Kang), the girl we last saw in a catatonic state at the Institute. Lilith lets us in on why she is connected to Jonathan, and that’s because it was her blood that Valentine put in him. And when Valentine couldn’t control him any longer, he gave him up to her, which is why Jonathan was in Edom before he came to New York. She orders Jace, in his hypnotized, mind-controlled state, to get 33 more disciples for their blood.

Jace arrives at the Institute, still under Lilith’s control and doesn’t respond to anyone until Clary (Katherine McNamara) touches him. He “wakes” up with no recollection of where he was, so later when he tries to explain what he remembers, he tells Clary that he was fighting Jonathan, but Clary tells him that Jonathan is not The Owl and that he’s dead. Clary wants to tell someone about Raziel bringing Jace back, but he tries to warn her that it could get her into serious trouble with the Clave. She let’s it go for now, giving Jace time to rest.

Morgan is no longer catatonic, but is not herself, demanding that she needs to get to Sarah, who Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) tells Alec (Matthew Daddario) is Morgan’s twin sister, and likely Morgan’s victim. Upon research, they also find that Morgan’s body cells are now demonic and there’s no way to save her anymore.

At the Jade Wolf, Maia (Alisha Wainwright) has words with Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) about kicking Simon (Alberto Rosende) out of the boathouse. Bigotry is brought up, of course. It’s not pretty, but Maia gets her sassy on.

As for Heidi (Tessa Mossey), the rogue vampire who escaped from the Dumort, she comes across a blood donor van and the poor soul working it.

The next day, Simon gets almost run over by a bicycle delivery guy named Kyle (Chai Hansen). When Simon drops off Kyle at his apartment, they coincidentally need each other’s help. Kyle needs a roommate and Simon needs a room. Voila! Oh, and Kyle is from Australia. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! It takes a while and some convincing by Maia to finally take up Kyle’s offer.

When Clary stops by Alec’s office, Alec again tries to get answers about Jace since he hasn’t been acting like himself ever since Lake Lyn. Unfortunately, she still won’t spill the truth and excuses herself after volunteering herself and Izzy to look into the rogue vampire attack.

Later, when Alec tries to talk to Jace about his concern for him, even bringing up his mom’s mental illness as being a possible reason as to how he’s been acting, Jace lashes out in defense and leaves in a huff.

During Izzy and Clary’s investigating, Izzy also tries to talk to Clary about Jace when they go check out the blood donor van, but Clary just makes excuses.

Jace goes to the Jade Wolf to talk to Luke about his mom and her mental illness. Luke reveals that she talked to herself and claimed to see things that weren’t there, but he tells Jace to remember the good stuff.

Heidi arrives at Simon’s boathouse place, where he’s no longer at, and she goes searching through his stuff. Raphael (David Castro) catches up to her there, but she knocks him out with the exact potion that he used on her.

At Magnus’ place, Alec is still at a loss with what’s going on with Jace, as well as trying to catch The Owl. Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) offers to go to the Institute to help, but we see that not even Magnus’ offer is easing his mind.

As Clary and Izzy continue to try to find more clues, Clary questions Izzy about the mundane doctor who’s been buzzing her phone constantly and then about Raphael. Izzy admits that there’s something special between her and the vampire, but Clary’s tracking rune goes off, indicating the missing missing victim is still alive, somewhat.

Jace is out and about in the city when Lilith finds him. She realizes he’s not in mind-control mode and has to put him to sleep again to control him. When she asks how it was possible to break out of her control, he tells her that his love for Clary broke the spell. She orders him to finish his task while she plans to get Clary out of the way.

Clary and Izzy find the victim-turned-vampire in a building and they kill him. However, right after, they hear someone screaming. who turns out to be a half-naked Raphael burning in the rising sun’s light on the roof of the same building. Heidi had chained him up as a means of revenge after using her as his experimental guinea pig. They’re able to save him, but Raphael doesn’t tell them that he knows who or why the vampire did that to him.

The Owl arrives at the Institute to deal with Morgan, and it looks like he kills her, but when Magnus, Alec, and Clary arrive, Magnus wakes her up, and Moran is back to her mundane self, with no trace of demonic cells in her.

Izzy finds Raphael trying to erase the evidence of Heidi’s existence there. Raphael admits that he was using Heidi to find a way to become a daylighter. They both cry, he at his loss for a normal life, and she at her disappoint in him. She orders him to leave the city or she’ll report him to the Clave.

New roommies Simon and Kyle are playing a video game when Kyle gets a text. When he excuses himself from the room to talk on his phone, we find he’s talking with Luke. Kyle tells him to back off as Simon Lewis belongs to the Praetor now.

Jace wakes up in his room, not remembering anything from after he left the Jade Wolf. When Clary comes by, he tells her he thinks he’s losing his mind.

Someone is at Magnus’s door. When he answers it, it’s a young woman asking for his assistance. It is Lilith, but he doesn’t know the significance of her, so he invites her in.

Our Review:

Kyle is a cutie! But what we thought was an innocent platonic meet-cute was really a setup for Kyle to get closer to Simon Lewis the daylighter. And what the heck is a praetor?! Guess we’ll find out later, but this new introduction should be interesting.

I’m not sure where they’re going with Jace and his mom’s mental illness as we all know he’s not going crazy just out of the blue. But we can only hope they figure it out soon.

As for Magnus and Alec, there hasn’t been any real trouble between the two, and that’s worrisome, especially with Lilith now invading more of the group’s lives.

And hey, I’m still waiting for another Malec kiss. Seriously, there were at least two times it could’ve happened, both of them with Magnus offer comfort. A great comfort between couples is the show of physical affection. What’s going on, showrunners? Did you reach a limit of the number of gay kisses in a season or something?

Anyway, looking forward to next week when Lilith plans a surprise for Clary, and Alec asks to move in to Magnus’ place. *gasp*

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