SHADOWHUNTERS Recap & Review: “Day of Atonement”

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we see that fake Sebastian now has Valentine chained up, apparently wanting some kind of revenge for what Valentine made him into.

The show looks like they’re finally investing in the Maia/Simon relationship. It’s Yom Kippur time for Simon, but he’s still in his depressed break-up mood, though he still has plans to go to his family dinner. Maia warns him about how his mood could affect him during this dinner, but he can’t miss it.

Back in the institute, Clary is not so stealthily avoiding being alone with Jace, while Alec is trying to save his position… but dun, dun, duunnn, daddy is back as the Clave envoy!

Robert tells Alec his job is safe for now, but Alec confronts him about the affair, to which Robert can only say that he fell in love, and that Alec should be able to understand. Alec shoots that down quick enough.

Clary reluctantly agrees to join Jace to look for Valentine in Idris, because Jace knows about a cabin that the Clave isn’t thinking of. Clary does her “thing” and creates a portal for the first time. Whoop! But when they go through it, they end up IN Lake Lyn (which we don’t find out the name of until later.)

This is why you don’t just go through a portal unprepared!

Sebastian, now Jonathan, explains how he got out of the literal hell Valentine put him in, by making a deal with Azazel. Valentine tries to bargain with Jonathan, but he’s not interested.

Clary and Jace are stele-less in Brocelind forest since Clary pulled Jace into the portal unprepared and Clary lost her stele in the lake. Oh, and now Clary is mysteriously not feeling too great.

Maia volunteers herself to join Simon to his family Yom Kippur dinner, supposedly to keep him from doing anything wrong in his depression, like killing them accidentally. Hmm, that’s awfully nice of her, especially when she introduces herself to Simon’s family as his girlfriend.

Bubba’s approving nod

Earlier, Robert admitted to Isabelle to receiving private fire messages from the Clave, but he won’t say more. Izzy and Alec are smelling something fishy with this whole fire message thing and Robert being able to convince the Inquisitor to allow Alec to keep his job. But before they can think further into this, Alec suddenly feels something is wrong with Jace, and Alec and Izzy find the room Jace and Clary portaled from in disarray, with glass shards all over the floor.

Clary and Jace are separated somehow, and she only finds blood and a shredded leather jacket.

In whatever room they’re in, we find out that Valentine sent his son to Edom because Jonathan killed a boy in what he called an “experiment” to see if the boy would survive a 32-foot fall. There’s all kinds of wrong with these two, but Jonathan definitely knows that it was Valentine that made him that way. Ohhh, so that’s why he keeps burning himself, as a reminder of what Valentine did to him! I get it.

At Simon’s family dinner, Maia helps Simon dodge questions about his band and Clary, and pretty much saves his butt from an real confessional, in a cutesy sort of way, too.

At the Institute, Robert explains the image in the shards are that of Lake Lyn. Though Alec wants to go find Jace, Robert tells him he needs to consider the Institute his priority, so Robert agrees to try to get a portal trip to Idris approved so Izzy can help find Jace and Clary.

Clary, in her weakened state, sees an angel who greets her by name. It’s Ithuriel, though quite younger, and he reveals to her that “Jonathan” is alive, only saying so before making a really quick exit to head up north. Thanks, angel dude whose life we saved!

Hot Ithuriel?

Izzy portals to Brocelind Forest and finds Jace, and she tells Jace about the hallucinogenic properties that could be life-lasting if they don’t heal Clary soon.

When Jace and Izzy find Clary, Clary doesn’t recognize either of them. Clary somehow miraculously overpowers both of them and breaks Izzy’s stele, but Jace does his angel-mojo thing as he wraps his arms around Clary from behind until she calms down. Clary is healed! It’s a miracle! So, how does Jace’s powers work now? It’s all very ominous and confusing and even I have to admit, it’s a little too convenient.

Here it goes again

For a second I thought Clary might get all smoochy with Jace, but it didn’t happen! Well, at least hug him, you stubborn little girl! No, not even that.

The truth about the Mortal Sword is revealed when Robert tells Alec that the Clave lied and actually never got the Sword back after Jace and Valentine battled it out back in the mid-season finale.

Nice side-eye, Alec!

During this time, Jonathan has his tête-á-tête moment with papa before he gets mad enough that he begins the ritual to send Valentine to Edom. He even plans on having Valentine bring the Sword with him, but alas, it looks like Valentine might’ve been able to convince him not to send him to Edom, because when Jace, Clary, and Izzy find the cabin, they are not there.

The plea that saved his life

As the day ends, we see people making their amends and what not. Simon and Maia end their evening with Maia kissing Simon on the cheek, which gives Simon something to think about. Alec and Izzy contemplate about what to do about the secret of the Soul Sword, and Jace reads Valentine’s journals which conveniently reveal Valentine’s experiments with both Jonathan and Jace, along with convenient side-by-side analysis, and Clary conveniently realizes that her brother Jonathan is still alive, as Ithuriel had said. How convenient.

How cute is this!

The final scene is the most awkward family dinner between father and son as Valentine and Jonathan fake-smile their way through. It would made sense, as Jonathan wasthisclose to sending his father to hell. But all’s good now. Let’s eat!

Knowing this was directed by Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley almost kind of makes me feel back for not praising the whole episodes. I have to admit, though, this wasn’t one of the best of the season. The running theme for me was that things were just very… convenient, and I’m not sure what to make of that. However, getting to see actors Will Tudor and Alan Van Sprang in their verbal sparring was the highlight for me. It was those moments that almost made the convenient ones worth watching. Maybe.

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