SHADOWHUNTERS Episode Recap – “Stronger than Heaven”

Something’s bothering Alec, Clary tries to find help for Jace, and there might be more to Simon’s roommate than he thinks in SHADOWHUNTERS “Stronger than Heaven” episode.

In last week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we saw Magnus welcome in Lilith to his apartment, not know what she truly is. She requests something to make a person fall out of love, claiming a former love of hers is obsessed with her, so he creates an elixir she can use, but she would need a sliver of the soul the person is obsessed with.

Of course, that would mean Lilith needs a sliver of Clary’s soul to add to the elixir in order to get Jace out of love with her.

At the institute, Jace and Clary are trying to figure out what to do with Jace’s supposed growing mental illness, including Jace’s idea of getting help from the Silent Brothers, which Clary’s not too keen on.

Back at Magnus’ place, Alec suggests he move in, but Magnus holds him off, suggesting that it’s too soon.

Simon happens to be in the Hunter’s Moon the same time Jace is there, drinking. His gig for that night was cancelled by someone, but he doesn’t know who. Simon catches him up on the Mark on his forehead, and Jace oddly offers to help Simon figure out who’s trying to mess with him.

Izzy has dinner plans with Doctor Charlie Cooper, whom she met at the same hospital the warlock Catarina Loss works at. She’s hesitant to go, but Clary insists on her taking a break from the Owl search.

Clary then goes to see Luke at the police station about talking with his sister, the Iron Sister Cleophas. Clary finally reveals what happened to Jace at Lake Lyn and that he hasn’t been himself. She wants to see Cleophas to get her to talk to the angel Ithuriel to help Jace.

Lilith summons a tracker demon to find Clary and steal a sliver of her soul.

Jace arrives at Kyle and Simon’s apartment and meets Kyle briefly. That’s sure to come into play more since Kyle knows more about Simon and the Downworld than he’s let on. After Kyle leaves the apartment, Jace confirms that the wolf pack didn’t cancel his gig, and after looking around the apartment, seems to find it suspicious that the apartment is equipped with many of SImon’s favorite things to do.

Alec’s still at Magnus’ apartment trying to find info on the symptons that Morgan (the girl from the fundraiser) inhibited. Alec’s curiosity gets the better of him and he peeks into a box that Magnus was reminiscing through earlier. In it, he finds old items from Magnus’ past, or past love, to be specific.

Luke and Clary arrive at Three Arrows Farm, Luke’s farm that he kept to himself until he brought Cleophas there to hide.

Meanwhile Jace is bugging Simon about how too much of a coincidence that Simon just happened to come across a guy who has an apartment with all of Simon’s favorite stuff. Jace snoops around Kyle’s bedroom and sees the wolfsbane, right when Kyle returns.

Kyle finally reveals himself to be from the Praetor Lupus, which Jace explains to Simon as a secret organization of werewolves tasked with taking on special Downworld cases, in this case, Simon’s Mark. Jace is cool with it now that he knows, but Simon’s not, especially now that he knows it was Kyle that called off his gig, and takes off.

Alec is in his office, likely ruminating over his relationship with Magnus, when Underhill (Steve Byers) comes in and takes that moment to open up to him about being able to come out himself because of Alec and his committed relationship with Magnus. Timely!

When Clary asks Cleophas for help in contacting Ithuriel, she lets her know that she’s actually been trying to contact the angels and hasn’t been successful. She’s not sure if maybe her previous action, like killing an Iron Sister, has severed her ties to the angels. Cleophas suggests that Clary could possibly do it on her own since Ithuriel’s blood is in her, though it may be dangerous.

While Izzy is on her date with Doctor Charlie Cooper, her Ruby necklace, which is now a Ruby bracelet, lights up, detecting a demon nearby. She leaves abruptly and finds the demon and kills it off. Lilith feels what has happened and turns herself into a flying demon to deal with Clary herself. Doctor Cooper finds her in the ally right after her fight, bleeding from her forehead and insists he take her to the hospital.

Jace finds Simon busking by his van, and actually reasons with him about what Kyle did and maybe go back since he only did it to protect and help him.

Alec goes to apologize to Magnus about looking through his box, and Magnus accepts, letting him know the box contains a collection of not just one love, but all his past loves. Alec feels like he’s just another mortal to add to Magnus’ collection, which causes some tension, but Magnus tells him that he can’t help who he is (an immortal) just as Alec can’t help who he is (a mortal). Alec understands, but still looks troubled.

Izzy gets stitched up at the hospital and thanks the doctor with a kiss on the cheek.

Clary summons the angel Ithuriel with Cleophas’ help. When Ithuriel arrives, he tells her it’s not what she did that’s caused Jace harm, but there’s a bigger threat. When he’s about to tell her the name of the threat, he is killed from behind, by Lilith in flying demon form. Lilith takes the sliver of Clary’s soul, leaving her unconcious. Being that close, you’d think Lilith would’ve just killed her. Anyway, Clary wakes up at the farmhouse with Luke and Cleophas there.

Simon gets his keyboard and the Les Paul guitar at Kyle’s apartment and offers Kyle a chance to make up for lying to him and be there at the gig in support.

Jace goes to see Alec and tells him that he’s decided to go to the Silent City for treatment, and although Alec offers to go with him, Jace tells him it’s not a good idea since they wouldn’t let Alec be there.

At the Hunter’s Moon, Lilith distracts Jace from his drink long enough to pour the elixir in his drink, with a sliver of Clary’s soul in it. He reacts to it just like Lilith wants him to. Has the elixir succeeded in removing Jace’s love for Clary?

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