SHADOWHUNTERS Releases “A Door Into The Dark” Preview And Three Clips

Clary and Jace fight back in new SHADOWHUNTERS previews!

The Season 2 premiere of Shadowhunters ended on a wild note as Jocelyn attempted to kill her own son and according to a promo and three new clips, it looks like there will be plenty of the characters to hash out in episode 2, “A Door Into The Dark”!

The synopsis for the episode is short and sweet: “Clary struggles to find where she belongs, while Simon seeks Magnus’ help.” It doesn’t give too much away, but three new clips are alerting us to plenty of different happenings in the episode.

First, Simon is on a desperate hunt for Camille. Why? We don’t know. But he’s trying to enlist the help of Magnus, who is a little weary given his complicated past with Camille. And ya know, her murderous tendencies.

Next up, we see Jace and Valentine in what appears to be the immediate aftermath of Jace killing Maria the vampire. Jace is devastated and ashamed, but Valentine sees the situation much differently.

Finally, we’re getting a bit of (very justified) arguing between Clary and Jocelyn after the latter tried to kill Jace. After some heated words and a little intervention from Simon, Jocelyn reveals why she thinks her son needs to be destroyed.

“A Door Into The Dark” airs Monday, January 9th on Freeform.

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