SHADOWHUNTERS Releases First Official Cast Photo

The first official cast photo from the set of SHADOWHUNTERS gets swanky!

Everyone is fancied up on the first official cast photo for Shadowhunters released by ABC Family! The series follows Clary (Katherine McNamara), who discovers that she’s a half-human, half-angel Shadowhunter destined to rid the world of demons after her mother’s devastating demons. On the quest to save her mother, Clary discovers the secret world hidden within New York City.

There’s been plenty of pictures from the set, thanks to the very camera-friendly cast, but here’s the first official release featuring (from left to right) Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia), Clary, Jace (Dominic Sherwood), Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.), and Alec (Matthew Daddario).

SHADOWHUNTERS official cast photo

This photo definitely appears to be from Magnus Bane’s party, which helps explain the unfortunate absence of Simon (Alberto Rosende). As you may call, Simon is turned into a rat and kidnapped by a horde of angry vampires during the party, leaving Clary and Jace to plan a rescue mission. Hopefully, we’ll have more cast photos including him soon!

And we should note that Isabelle is wearing a shimmery headband, not an elaborate headpiece. That’s just the lamp directly behind her confusing us all!

Shadowhunters will premiere on ABC Family in early 2016.

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