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SHADOWHUNTERS 3.06 Preview and Clips – “A Window Into an Empty Room”

The preview for the sixth episode of SHADOWHUNTERS is here and we are pumped!

The latest promo Shadowhunters promo features some serious tension! It starts with Alec cooking breakfast for Magnus (looks like he isn’t such a bad cook), it’s all fluff and smiles until Alec makes a salty comment about Magnus’s “momentos.” Meanwhile, Jace is falling more and more under Lilith’s control and they are one step closer to resurrecting Sebastian aka Jonathan Morgenstern. Watch the preview at the top of the post!

Two new clips are featured in the first video reel from TVPromos. We see Magnus reading the newspaper and Alec cooking breakfast for him. All seems well until Alec brings up Magnus’ box of special objects from each of his former loves. It seems that Alec is feeling a little insecure about Magnus’s immortality and what it means for their relationship. But immortality isn’t something that can be negotiated… right?

We also see Jace, who has literally become Lilith’s lap dog, bowing and kneeling to her. After unknowingly drinking the potion that kept him connected to Clary and thus slightly immune to Lilith, we see Jace seeping through the cracks and now that he can’t break through Lilith’s powers. As for bringing Jonathan back from the dead, Lilith needs only one more “virtuous disciple” to resurrect her son, Jonathan. To add a cherry on top of this already screwed up situation, we see Lilith lip-locking with Jace. As she warns him that after she is done with him, everything he loves and holds dear would be dead and his world would be on fire. Let’s hope she is wrong!

In the meantime, Simon and Kyle are testing out the Mark of Cain. Kyle is testing Simon’s dodging skills, but when the subject changes to Maia, things backfire– literally.

Will Jace find his salvation? Will Malec still try to make it work? Will Kyle see Maia? And most importantly, will Jonathan be resurrected?

“A Window Into An Empty Room” airs tomorrow on Freeform.