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Read our SHADOWHUNTERS Mid-Season Three Spring Finale Recap

Secrets come out, old wounds get reopened, and everyone’s lives are on the line.

Warning: This Shadowhunters post contains plenty of spoilers from this evening’s two hour season three spring finale, which first aired Tuesday, May 15 on Freeform. 

WOW!! Where do I even begin with this finale? The two hour spring finale certainly brought out all of the stops, answering questions that have long plagued this season. The episode opens with Clary’s execution. Handcuffed and sentenced to burn at the stake by the Clave, Clary (Katherine McNamara) waits with the other ‘accused’. During this tense moment, she learns Consul Jia Penhallow (Francoise Yip) wanted to resurrect Valentine. Consul Penhallow asked Warlock Iris to do it but since she refused, Iris was sentenced to death. So in true Clary fashion, when brought forward for her ‘last words’ before her execution, she bravely claims that she can bring back Valentine for The Clave and is thus spared, for the moment.

Meanwhile, Lilith (Anna Hopkins) prepares to get rid of any and all obstacles. This means enlisting the help of Heidi (Tessa Mossey) . In her manipulation, Lilith encourages Heidi to fight back against Simon’s blatant dislike for her, despite being her sire, and sweetly claims that Heidi certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated the way that Simon (Alberto Rosende) has been treating her. Naturally, Heidi is all too willing to do as Lilith asks.

But while Lilith’s busy manipulating, Clary is busy interrogating. A tense and angry conversation between father and daughter leads to the revelation that Lilith needed to exhume Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) in order to resurrect her son, Jonathan. Of course, Valentine isn’t quite ready to return to the dead.

More importantly though is saving Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and stopping Lilith. Despite their best attempts, Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus are unable to convince Lorenzo (Javier Muñoz) and the other warlocks to help them. Let’s just say that things got a little bit heated. Magnus’s words, not mine. Lorenzo is currently the current High Warlock of Brooklyn so his support was really important. Shame really.

So running out of ideas, Alec and Magnus silently agree that Asmodeus is now their best shot at stopping Lilith and saving Jace. The non-verbal conversations between the two are just…. urg, my heart.

For all Malec fans, this episode was truly special as we got to see Magnus (Harry Shum Jr) finally be the first to say “I love you” before he disappeared for Edom. The pained look on Alec’s face while he watched his boyfriend leave him with no guarantee of a safe return was truly heartbreaking.

Perhaps more heartbreaking though were the scenes between Simon and his mother. Through Heidi’s hateful and crazy antics, Simon’s sister and mom finally find out his secret vampire life. Despite his best efforts, Simon couldn’t resist his natural instinct to feed on blood and unwittingly feeds on his sister (Holly Deveaux). Thankfully, Simon didn”t bleed her dry as Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) arrived just in time to snap him out of his feeding frenzy. But damage was already done. Although Becky survived and showed her support for her younger brother, Simon’s mother (Christina Cox) was less than accepting. Looking for specifics? Simon’s mom disowned him, claiming that he is not her son and calling him a monster. Even more heartbreaking though is how Simon changed her memory of him, making him believe that he was killed in a car accident.

Simon wasn’t the only one in this episode to go through some heartbreaking family moments. When he entered Edom, Magnus was forced to confront his pseudo-father, thereby re-opening old wounds. After an angry exchange, full of hateful and painful words, Magnus manage to convince Asmodeus (Jack Yang) to help him. We later find out that he had to trade his magic for this help. Of course, there’s always a price.

Although, I’m sure he wished that he hadn’t because upon returning to New York City, Magnus finds Jace pushing an arrow into his boyfriend’s heart. Just as all seems lost, Magnus blasts Jace hard against the wall with magic strong enough to draw out the monster that was prowling through Jace. With the monster destroyed, Jace comes to, realizing that he may have just killed his parabatai.

Either I missed a scene or the entire Shadowhunters cast and crew has decided to answer our questions with just more questions.

For one, is Clary alive or did Simon really kill her like he claimed?

Despite everyone’s best efforts, did Lilith succeed in resurrecting Jonathon before she exploded?


  • They now know that Simon’s Mark is actually the Mark of Cain, and anyone that tries to harm anyone with the Mark of Cain is harmed seven times worse.
  • Luke was forced to quit his police job because his boss wouldn’t let him leave to try and save Clary. He left anyway.
  • Lilith put a mark on both Clary and Jonathan, thereby connecting their lifelines. So basically Jonathan was safe from death unless Clary died.
  • Could this be the beginning of Sizzy? After all, Izzy was there during Simon’s entire ordeal with his family. She comforted him after he had to leave his mom and assured him that he was not a monster.

Oh Shadowhunters certainly know how to leave the entire fandom in a panic frenzy. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. No announcement yet whether Freeform’s renewed Shadowhunters. What did you think of the Shadowhunters’s Season 3 Spring Finale?

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