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SHADOWHUNTERS’ Dominic Sherwood Introduces Will Tudor in Live Q&A

Dominic Sherwood and Will Tudor reveal they had worked on another YA adaptation before SHADOWHUNTERS. Plus watch Matthew Daddario being his hilarious self in a short interview.

We just learned yesterday that Will Tudor has joined the cast of Shadowhunters to play the role of the complex Sebastian Verlac. Some of you may remember will as Loras Tyrell’s lover Olyvar in Game of Thrones, or as the android Odi in AMC’s Humans.

But one thing you may not have know is that he had worked with fellow Shadowhunter Dominic Sherwood in the 2014 movie adaptation Vampire Academy. Will’s part was actually uncredited, but it doesn’t matter now as he’s gained a respectable amount of credited roles since then, including the two shows previously mentioned.

After the announcement, Dom and Will did a Facebook live Q&A for the fans and this is what we learned:

They knew each other even before Vampire Academy.

“We worked together in Hollister in London… ffffour years ago? Five? Long time ago. And we actually met because I was auditioning for a part on Game of Thrones, which Captain Fantastic here happened to book.”

Both Will and Dom have only read book one of The Mortal Instruments.

Dom: “Now there are a bunch of different schools of thought on this. I, very openly since the beginning, said I read book one because I needed to understand the world. I needed to understand who my character was to a certain extent, but from any further point of view, it’s important to me that I’m just using the scripts as my medium for the art that we produce day to day.”

Will: “I’m basically the same, actually. I read book one in preparation for the show and then got the scripts, and thought, okay, I better go that way. I’m kind of dipping into book three as well for when Sebastian comes in.”

Despite the evidence in the photo, Will’s apparently not too cute to play someone as evil as Sebastian.

“Oh, you just wait.”

Dominic knows how to play it vague.

“We first meet [Sebastian] in reference to another character that we already know and we’ve already met. And that is going to be Sebastian’s way into our story. I think that’s all we can say for right now.”

Will looks like the perfect person to play Sebastian, and he looks amayyyy-zing in runes!

We were excited to learn of Will playing Sebastian, but we’re even more excited after watching this little meet and greet via Facebook! Sebastian is not supposed to look at all evil or vicious when we first meet him, so we think Will is going to shock us all when the truth comes out.

As many of the fans have done, we also warm welcome Will to the Shadowhunters family.

Check out Matthew Daddario (with a special appearance by Harry Shum, Jr.) in this short comedic interview.

Will Tudor will appear on episode 10 of season 2 on Shadowhunters, which airs Mondays at 8pm on Freeform.

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