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SHADOWHUNTERS Shows Off Three Behind-The-Scenes Set Tours Plus Promo

SHADOWHUNTERS introduces new and expanded sets in new featurettes!

With the Season 2 premiere only weeks away, Shadowhunters is taking fans behind-the-scenes of some of its biggest sets!

Executive producer and director Matt Hastings first takes fans to a brand new show set, The Hunter’s Moon. The bar is a Downworlder favorite and the spot where we first meet Maia Roberts in a scene that’s said to be very similar to the books.

Next, Matt heads to Magnus’ “lair” aka apartment, where he points out the ways things have been expanded and refurbished to better reflect his tastes and his history.

After that, we head to the expanded Institute set, where we learn what technology is real and what’s CGI, plus we see a huge set expansion!

Freeform also released the new “Parabatai” promo, which spends about a minute focusing in on Jace and Alec’s bond as shown in Season 1 before diving into what will be going on between the two in the beginning of Season 2.

Shadowhunters Season 2 premieres on January 2, 2017 on Freeform.

By Kait

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