SHADOWHUNTERS Shows Two New Teasers

SHADOWHUNTERS Shows Two New Teasers 

The cast and crew of Shadowhunters have been teasing us with Twitter and Instagram pics ever since it became official that a television series was in the works for The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare.  This time, however, Shadowhunters shows two new teasers!  One of the actual teaser, or more like a title and logo introduction for the series, but even without any glimpses of scenes from the show, it’s still exciting for the fans.

In the second teaser, we still don’t see any actual scenes from the show, but we do get a message from Kat McNamara stating her excitement for the show as we get quick shots of images of her and the rest of the cast, which really gets fans squeeing like mad.

Fans of the books have been pleading for more, whether it be through a sequel to the movie, despite the financial failure of the City of Bones (yes, I’m one of the rare ones that still enjoyed it), or through television.  Now that it’s happening, we can’t seem to get enough of it.  And that’s just fine.

We say to ABC Family and those behind the show, keep ’em coming!

Also, check out some of the images that have shown up on Twitter and Instagram!