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SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peek Urges You to Vote, plus QOAD snippet for the day

Magnus brings Alec breakfast in this new SHADOWHUNTERS sneak peek, plus Cassandra Clare releases QOAD snippet.

We have a very short, but cute, sneak peek from Shadowhunters, featuring Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario). It’s actually just a tease of what we’re going to see when the show comes back to complete its final season on Freeform, but they added a little something for those 80 and up – it’s time to vote! So, go out there and help make a difference.

Before we continue, let’s get a closer look at this short clip. As Magnus mentioned, Alec is taking a day off from his Shadowhunter duties. We’re not sure why, and while Alec seems to appreciate the gesture, we can already tell there’s something off by just looking at Alec’s face. What it is, we don’t know why yet, and there are many reasons for it. Maybe it’s because there are many reasons for his face that he’s looking like that. Whatever the reason, we can’t wait to find out.

On the literature side of things, Cassandra Clare has promised to release a snippet from Queen of Air and Darkness every day until the book is released, so here’s snippet #2, which is a bit of a potential spoiler, especially if you haven’t read Lord of Shadows, so I’ve included a sketch from Cassandra Jean before you read the snippet:

“What are you doing out and about without your shadow?” 

“Ty’s not my shadow,” said Kit crossly.

“My apologies. I suppose you’re his.” Shade’s eyes were solemn.“Have you come to tell me of the progress you’ve made in your foolish plan to raise his sister from the dead?”


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