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SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peeks: Demons, The City of Bones, and More of Malec’s First Date

Times are tough but love still rules in new SHADOWHUNTERS clips!

After loads of photos and clips from previous episodes, Freeform has been a little more conservative while teasing tomorrow’s episode of Shadowhunters, “Day of Wrath”. We’ve seen stills and a synopsis for the episode, but only three clips have made it out into the wild– not that we mind, as it gives the episode a little more mystery.

First up, Izzy and Lydia bring a gruesome looking corpse into The Institute for inspection, which is probably part of the “routine mission” advertised in the synopsis. But when Lydia runs off to report the news and Izzy gets distracted by a pompous Raj, you see the moment when things at The Institute start to go very, very wrong.

Meanwhile, Clary is making a visit to the other major setting for the episode: The City Of Bones. You can definitely see that efforts have been made to make the underground “city” a lot creepier!

EW also has a delightful look at Malec’s first date. We’ve already seen a clip of the first date planning, but it seems they didn’t make it to Marrakech. Instead, they appear to be down at The Hunter’s Moon, where they have some drinks and play some pool.

“Day of Wrath”
airs Monday, January 23 on Freeform.

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