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SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peeks: “You Are Not Your Own”

Alec questions Magnus, Sebastian meets the others in new SHADOWHUNTERS clip!

Two new clips from tonight’s episode of Shadowhunters have arrived courtesy of Freeform!

We’ve already seen a clip of Jace and Clary training under the watchful eye of Imogen Herondale, but there’s two new clips are helping us focus on other characters.

First up, Alec pays “Magnus” a visit after the warlock refuses to help him on a mission. Alec doesn’t realize that Magnus and Valentine have pulled a Freaky Friday and body-swapped, but he certainly notices that there’s something up with Magnus.

Next, Isabelle brings her new savior, Sebastian, to the New York City Institute to meet her fellow Shadowhunters. They don’t know much about the Brit, but he’s charming as ever. Can he win over the group?

“Your Are Not Your Own” airs tonight on Freeform.