SHADOWHUNTERS: ‘The Descent Into Hell Is Easy’ Previews, Plus Where To Watch Now

‘The Descent Into Hell Is Easy’… and so is watching it!

Shadowhunters premiered last night with lots of energy and fanfare behind it! Already, fans are clamoring for the second episode, ‘The Descent Into Hell Is Easy’. Well, good news! First, you can watch the preview for the episode, which delves deeper into Clary discovering her true self and her mother’s secrets with Jace and the Silent Brothers in the City of Bones as Valentine makes some moves for power.

If that wasn’t enough for you, we have some really, really good news! You can watch ‘The Descent Into Hell Is Easy’ in full right now via the new FreeForm app and website!

Click here to watch!

Don’t have time to watch the first second episode right now? How about a clip featuring Jace and Clary in the City of Bones? The scene features a famous line from the books, so it’s sure to make you smile!

Shadowhunters returns to television with ‘Descent’ on January 19th!


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