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SHADOWHUNTERS: Watch New Clips From Malec’s First Date, Simon and Maia’s First Chat

Dates and first encounters get interesting in SHADOWHUNTERS sneak peeks!

Shadowhunters is making us squeal with a few new peeks at Malec’s first date! Photos from the date (and the rest of the episode) are already available, but these are the first live-action shots of the couple.

First, we see the two playing a little game of pool. Alec gets a little cocky about his skills, but he seems to have forgotten that Magnus is has lived hundreds of years and has a few skills of his own.

A very short clip shows what could be a tense moment between the two. In the clip, Alec seems fine as Magnus explains he’s been with men, women, and various Downworlders alike, but one looming question remains.

Meanwhile, it seems Simon continues to fall on hard times. With Luke missing, his second-in-command Alaric is forcing Simon out of the boathouse. However, the eviction leads Simon to his first meeting with Maia!

This short meeting is a big deal for lots of fans, so we’re excited to see it in full!

“Iron Sisters” airs Monday, February 6th on Freeform.

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