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SHADOWHUNTERS Casts Will Tudor As Sebastian

GAME OF THRONES actor coming to SHADOWHUNTERS in a major new role!

After lots of teasing and hyping, Shadowhunters has officially announced the actor who will be playing Sebastian Verlac in Season 2! If you don’t know the books, let’s just say that Sebastian is a very interesting and informative upcoming character.

Will Tudor, the British actor who audiences might know from his roles as Olyvar on Game of Thrones or Odi on AMC’s Humans, recorded a short video to introduce himself to fans of the series.

Todd Slavkin, one of the show’s two new Season 2 showrunners, did an exclusive interview with TV Line, during which he explained some basic character changes.

While Sebastian was a student of the Paris Institute in the books, they’ve decided to stick with Will’s native accent:

“When he taped, he had an American accent, which was really interesting,” Slavkin explains. “But when we saw his reel, saw him on Game of Thrones and Humans, then looked at our take on the character, we were like, ‘Oh, you’re from London. You’re from the London Institute. Use your British accent.’ And it works so well.”

Slavkin also promises the show will have “our own spin on the character,” including a slightly different backstory for Sebastian that Executive Producer Matt Hastings previously revealed– the character grew up surrounded by demons, not fellow Shadowhunters.

Funny enough, the casting decision was made before the showrunners knew that Will Tudor has a connection to the actor playing Jace:

“We weren’t aware of this when we cast him, but he and Dominic Sherwood have this past together as kids in England. They have this real friendship off-screen, which is chilling if you know the books and can think about the irony of that.”

According to IMDB, Sebastian will make his first appearance in Episode 10 of Season 2.

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