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SHADOWHUNTERS’ Jack Yang Shows His Support for #SaveShadowhunters while at SDCC

Jack Yang cosplayed as his own character, Asmodeus, at San Diego Comic-Con and took a ride in the #SaveShadowhunters pedicab!

Just because the Shadowhunters cast couldn’t make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con didn’t mean that attendees missed out on feeling their presence. Continuing their #SaveShadowhunters campaign, fans hired two pedicabs for the weekend to drive convention goers around the city.

As key pieces of the con culture in downtown San Diego,  these pedicabs have often been used by networks and brands as moving billboards for upcoming TV shows, and movies. With the recent airplane banner in Los Angeles and the digital billboards in New York and Seoul, it only makes sense that fans would take advantage of these pedicabs during SDCC.

But I bet pedicab users didn’t expect Jack Yang to make an appearance. Shadowhunters fan and pedicab volunteer Nannette DeRobertis took her job one step further by helping to coordinate a meetup with the actor.

Yang showed his support for the ongoing #SaveShadowhunters campaign by cosplaying as his own character and not only coming to check the pedicab out but he even jumped in!

Sure the Shadowhunters pedicabs may not be able to travel all the way down to Edom but hopefully Asmodeus had a fun time checking out this Shadowhunters replicate at SDCC.

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