Shailene Woodley Almost Wasn’t Hazel In ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

The new movie The Fault In Our Stars, which based off of John Green’s popular bookis about to hit theaters next month, but it turns out Shailene Woodley might not have been Hazel Grace after all! Find out why here!


The Fault In Our Stars movie cast Shailene Woodley “turned-off” director Josh Boone! Apparently, the 22-year-old “Divergent” star was too enthusiastic about the project that it almost cost her the role that she auditioned for

Author John Green revealed that Woodley wrote a letter to him explaining why she should play the female lead role, “I think it was about 13,000 words long,” says Green.

Woodley on the other hand, says that her intentions were pure, “I didn’t want to do this movie as an actor, like, Look at me, I can cry.”

However, her enthusiasm almost backfired. “It turned me off at first,” Boone admitted, adding that he even thought that Woodley, 22, was too old for the part. The director explains that he was looking for someone closer to Hazel’s age of 16.


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