Shailene Woodley Discusses THE FAULT IN OUR STARS at CinemaCon


Shailene Woodley is busy! While still heavily promoting Divergent (The #1 movie in the country!) she made a stop at CinemaCon earlier this week where she also discussed her next film, The Fault in Our Stars — even suggesting an new tagline for the film.

“People ask me in interviews all the time, ‘How did it feel to play a cancer patient?’ I didn’t play a cancer patient. I played a girl who happened to be leading this life and happened to have ‘a touch of cancer,’” she says, in reference to a line from Green’s novel. “This book — and movie — they don’t victimize death, they empower life. That should be the tagline.”

“It’s such an important movie: It’s a big studio movie where their lead female has a cannula [oxygen tube] in, in every scene, and on the f—in’ poster my face has no makeup on it and an oxygen tube,” she says. “That is groundbreaking and it’s completely rewriting the paradigm for how female leads exist. I saw [Fox’s chairman and chief executive] Jim Gianopolus, and I said, ‘Thank you so much for having the guts and the balls to make a movie like this, to put out a movie like this.’ People making indie movies don’t even make movies like this. It’s so cool.”