Shailene Woodley Talks Tris’ Destiny in INSURGENT

Tris' destiny is driving force in Insurgent

Tris’s destiny will move the story forward

Shailene Woodley sat down with Josh Horowitz to talk a little bit about her character Tris in the upcoming Insurgent, and what Tris’ destiny will be in the Divergent sequel.

***spoilers below***

She first starts with the explanation of the box that was seen in previous trailers and TV spots.  Opening the box is Jeanine’s goal, and according to Woodley, she’ll need one special Divergent to pass through a set of five simulations to achieve her goal.  Tris is that special Divergent with the ability to outsmart all five simulations/factions.

For the fans that have read the book, this story doesn’t sound quite the same as what is in the book, however, with regards to the visual effects, it still looks like it’ll be an exciting film. As with all filmmakers who have to adapt a movie from a book, the goal is not only to entertain the fan of the book, but also to entertain non-readers as well.

It’s no surprise that there are grumblings within the fandom about all the changes.  No, not everyone will be happy with the outcome, but depending on the book, the book doesn’t always translate well on screen, and thus changes have to be made.  Plus, everyone’s image of what this dystopian future looks like and how the story plays out always varies.

Whatever your opinion, the movie version looks to be more adventurous for Tris, Four, and the rest of them.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Tris’ destiny moves the story along!