THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Adds Five More to Season 2 Cast

The production of season 2 of THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES is underway in New Zealand with five more actors in tow. 

We’re already looking forward to seeing the second season of The Shannara Chronicles, which stars Austin Butler (Wil), Ivana Baquero (Eretria), Manu Bennett (Allanon), Aaron Jakubenko (Ander) and Marcus Vanco (Bandon). But we’re about to see the show on a bigger scale now that magic is back in The Four Lands.

What that means is more people involved, and thus MTV has cast five more actors to join the series. They are Vanessa Morgan (Finding Carter), Malese Jow (The Flash), Gentry White (UnREAL), Caroline Chikezie (Everly), and Desmond Chiam (NCIS: Los Angeles).


Morgan will play Lyria, a beautiful and mysterious, young woman who is romantically linked to Eretria. Jow will play Mareth, a volatile and unpredictable young woman with magical abilities. White will play Garet, a skilled, sly, and charismatic bounty hunter known throughout the Four Lands as “The Weapons Master.”

Chikezie will portray Queen Tamlin,  the powerful and cunning Queen of Leah, the only human Kingdom in the Four Lands. Chiam is General Riga, a once revered General in the Eventine’s army, Riga is now the leader of an extremist group of Elvin soldiers known as The Crimson.

What do you think about the beautiful additions?

The Shannara Chronicles is based on the Terry Brooks fantasy/adventure novel series, which takes place in what is known as The Four Lands. Season 2 is set to premiere in July 2017 on MTV.


By Molly

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