Shannon Messenger Reveals Title & Cover for LET THE SKY FALL #3

YA Author, Shannon Messenger, takes to social media and reveal the title and cover for LET THE SKY FALL #3!

After the anticipation and the patient, or not so patient, wait, Shannon Messenger has revealed some awesome news on her current series, Let the Sky Fall. She’s given us the title and cover of the third book.

Check it out!

Let the Wind Rise


The book is called Let the Wind RIse and the cover looks fantastic!

For those of you who are familiar with the series, you’ll notice that the theme of this cover is different from the first two covers. While it is different, Messenger promises that “it does have enough similarities” to the previous covers.

But with the change in cover, she also revealed that the upcoming paperback releases for the first two books will share the same theme as book #3, so check out those new covers as well!

Let the Sky Fall

Let the Storm Break

According to Messenger, the new paperback covers are tentatively due to be released next Spring and she is still drafting book #3.

Lots of waiting, but for now… let’s just enjoy these new covers!



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