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Watch “Sharing Things,” SESAME STREET’s brilliant parody of STRANGER THINGS

SESAME STREET’s parody of STRANGER THINGS has a funny take on the characters, such as the Cookiegorgon!

It’s not surprising that long-running children’s educational show Sesame Street attempted a parody of Stranger Things, the popular TV show that started on Netflix last year. The show has famously spoofed a number of TV shows and movies, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

Sesame Street has a new funny video up called “Sharing Things,” which shows Cookiegorgon (Cookie Monster as the Demogorgon) going about on Halloween and getting treats. Of course, the main moral of the video is that it’s important to share with others. Even Barb makes an appearance! Eleven does too, but as literally the number eleven…

Watch “Sharing Things” below!

Let it be known that Will’s preferred sweet is gummy worms!


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