SHERLOCK actress talks series appearance

Spoiler alert! Oona Chaplin, who has since gone on to be in “Game of Thrones,” played John’s soon to be ex-girlfriend, Jeanette, in Sherlock.



 Jeanette and Watson had a very short-lived romance, which ended after she became irritated by Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his offhand attitude towards her, and subsequently by Watson’s refusal to put her first.
Now, Oona Chaplin, the actress who played Jeanette, has spoken out about Watson’s wedding to Mary Morstan (who is played by Freeman’s real life partner Amanda Abbington), saying that losing her character was “his loss”.
In a very tongue-in-cheek interview with The Radio Times, the actress remarked of Watson: “It’s his loss, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
However, she did go on to hint that there may well be a return for her character, teasing: “You never know.”

Source: Primetime