SHERLOCK blog updates for new episodes

One of the  fictional blogs that ties in to the Sherlock series, The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson, has been updating to go along with series 3 of the show.JOHN

“John” has posted about The Empty Hearse as well as some of the cases mentioned so far, and “Sherlock” posted about the wedding, which is quite funny.

Sorry. I can’t do it any more. I was going to attempt to mimic John’s style of writing for an entire blog post but life’s too short. And I say that as someone who died over two years ago. Good evening everyone, this is Sherlock Holmes. John can’t be with you today as he is on his Sex Holiday. Sorry, honeymoon.

The comments section is pretty great, too.

Mary. I’ve been doing some research and you need to avoid seafood.
Sherlock Holmes 11 August


Mary Morstan 11 August

I’ve just had a text from John. I’ll shut up now.
Sherlock Holmes 11 August