SHERLOCK Releases First Photo From Upcoming Special

SHERLOCK launches promotion for its upcoming special just before Comic-Con panel.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have gone full-on Victorian for their upcoming special date out this Christmas!

Check out the first official photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in character for the Sherlock Christmas special, posed around a green leather chair and looking awfully stern!

upcoming special

Rather than serving as a continuation of the series itself and jumbling up plot lines, the Christmas special will be set in the Victorian era. According to executive producer Steven Moffat, the plot line used in the episode would never be used in the modern day show and had to be its own special entity to work properly.

No word on exactly what the story will be, but Stephen Gatiss has hinted that it will be based off Arthur Conan Doyle’s series novel The Adventure of the Red-Headed League.

As for the regular show? Sherlock is expected back sometime in 2016.

Look out for more Sherlock news from Comic-Con today! The show will have its own panel at 3:45pm PSt and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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