SHERLOCK Season 3 Premiere Date Possibly Pushed Back to Early 2014

Well, here’s where it becomes a bit of a ‘good’ problem.  Our lovely stars of the show are so popular they’ve become unsurprisingly in-demand as of late.  Yep, Sherlock fans, apparently, you can’t keep them all to yourselves anymore.  You will just have to wait a little longer to find out what Rat, Wedding, and Bow mean:

It appears that Sherlock fans will have to wait a bit longer to get some closure to that season two finale cliffhanger. Season three of the excellent BBC series had been poised to start production this coming January for a Fall 2013 debut, but EW now reports that the start date has now been pushed back to March in order to accommodate the busy schedules of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Cumberbatch is gearing up to shoot director Bill Condon’s untitled WikiLeaks project and Freeman is likely needed for some additional Hobbit filming now that Peter Jackson has expanded the adaptation to three films instead of two, so the move makes sense.

I’m sure you’re crying your heart out, but really, this is a happy thing for Benedict and Martin.  Besides, British television standards aren’t as stringent, it seems, as those of U.S. television standards.  It is quite different across the pond.  Certainly, if they were on contract here, there’s no way a show would delay filming for them to do a movie, and sometimes that’s just really too bad (for U.S. actors, that is.)  So, thumbs up for Holmes and Watson for making the most of their time.

(Source:  Collider)

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