SHERLOCK: Season 4 Premiere Date Announced, Plus A New Trailer

The threats are more devastating than ever in a new SHERLOCK trailer!

Sherlock Season 4 is rumored to be the hit show’s last go, but if so, they’re certainly going out with a bang!

With a new villain played by Toby Jones, Moriarty’s return, and a lot of (literally) explosive stressors for Sherlock and Watson, there’s a lot to look forward to. Now, TVLine has confirmed that Season 4 is set for a New Years Day return, announced by PBS with a foreboding image.


The announcement came with a thrilling brand new trailer that shows audiences that no one is safe as the threats with Sherlock and Watson face being to chase them back.

We’re guessing there’s a major death and some devastating consequences. We’ll try to steel ourselves now, but this season is probably going to get to us anyway. Get ready, people!

By Molly

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