SHERLOCK Season Three to Begin Filming March 18

Looks like Sherlock is finally just about ready to get the cameras rolling again, and it’s going to be this month!  Season Three, or Series Three, as they say over across the pond, has been highly anticipated for the better half of 2012, but with the boys doing those big-budget films, one of which involved both actors in very different roles from theirs on this show, it’s been an arduous process to figure out the best time to do such filming.

Martin Freeman and other sources have been counting down to the beginning of production over the past weeks in various interviews and events, and so we approached Hartswood Films producer Sue Vertue with a likely date for the start of filming, which she confirmed for us.

Sue also kindly confirmed a second piece of information relating to filming on the new series. Long planned scheduling around the availability of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman means that principal photography on Sherlock Series Three will be done in two sections, with two episodes being filmed from March 18. A break will occur in the early summer, and then the third and final episode will be shot a few weeks later.

Sue commented: “We could never have fitted all three films into one long go because of everyone’s availability.  It’s being flexible like this which allows us to keep making them.”

via Sherlockology.

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