Sherlock series 3 villain revealed

This morning, through Twitter, Sue Vertue, Sherlock’s producer, revealed that Lars Mikkelsen will be playing Charles Augustus Magnussen, Sherlock’s new nemesis in series 3.



Fans have deduced that the character is based on Charles Augustus Milverton from “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.” One glance at Tumblr will show desperation to see the scenes in which Sherlock Holmes becomes engaged to Milverton’s housemaid, among other moments in the story.

The other connection drawn by eager fans is that Mikkelsen’s brother, Mads Mikkelsen, plays another popular villainous character on TV- Hannibal Lecter in NBC’s “Hannibal.”

Are you excited to see Mikkelsen’s portrayal, or do you miss Andrew Scott’s Moriarty? Whatever your thoughts, tell us in the comments.