SHERLOCK Shares His Dark Secret In New Trailer, Finale Will Play In Theaters

SHERLOCK ruthlessly toys with fans’ hearts in second Season 4 trailer!

Things are especially dark and intense in the second trailer for Sherlock Season 4!

The new trailer focuses in on a major secret that Sherlock Holmes is hiding from the people he loves the most; a secret exposed by Toby Jones‘ new villain based on a classic Arthur Conan Doyle character, Culverton Smith.

It all ends with a line that might just kill fans, particularly JohnLock shippers.

Even if that “I love you” is what people hope it is, the context is pretty wild. With both John and Mycroft looking on, it sounds like a “last words” confession one gives before doing something totally devastating.

The good news is that if that devastation takes place in the Season 4 finale, “The Final Problem”¬†(which might be the final episode of the show, depending on who you believe,) you’ll be able to watch it in high definition surround-sound in theaters!

EW reveals that “The Final Problem” will air in about 350 U.S. theaters on January 16th and 18th in a deal between BBC America and Fathom Events. To entice fans away from their cozy home viewing experience, the in-theater version will include 15 minutes of exclusive extra footage. The participating theaters have not been announced, nor are tickets on sale yet.

Sherlock Season 4 begins airing on January 1, 2017.

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