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Showrunner Jeremy Carver on SUPERNATURAL and Mark of Cain

In an interview with Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver, The Hollywood Reporter gets into the details of second half of this season of the long-running series, which includes basically the effect that the Mark of Cain, which is still embedded into Dean’s arm, has, both figuratively and psychologically, on the characters of the show.  Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

Warning: Spoilers abound in this interview regarding the first half of this season.

On how they’re able to juggle the standalone episodes with the Mark of Cain arc:

Figuring out how to get rid of this Mark, and then in lieu of that, figuring out how to deal or live with this Mark, becomes something of an obsession for the brothers over the second half of the season– something they won’t always see eye to eye on. It’s of utmost priority, and I think each may have a different view of what needs to be done at different points, and it may lead to some strange associations, some Hail Mary chances each brother is taking. It’s very much the center of their wants as we drive toward the end of the season.

On the personal conflict with the other characters:

We said from the very beginning of the season this is a much more personal [conflict] that we’re going after, and the building blocks have been there from what’s going on with the boys, what’s going on with Castiel (MishaCollins), and certainly with Claire (Kathryn Love Newton), and Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and Rowena (Ruth Connell), and that’s going to continue. It’s not without action or magic or monsters because it’s Supernatural, but in many ways it feels like there’s more weight to it, which everyone is pretty excited about.

Jeremy Carver talks Supernatural and Mark of Cain


On the danger of Dean with the Mark:

The threat of the Mark is that he is a great danger to others, but I think that then begs the question to someone like Dean, ‘What does that mean I have to do with myself?’ So they’re one and the same. Being Dean Winchester, of course the greater danger is going to be to himself because he’s not going to want to hurt others. That very much hits on the central concern for Dean as we run into the back half here.

On Castiel’s involvement:

Castiel certainly is instrumental in the hunt to save Dean from the Mark. I think Castiel is going to find himself– like Sam– in certain uncomfortable situations where he’s going to be questioning just what it is he’s doing on behalf of quote-unquote saving Dean…There’s going to be a lot of bargains made that people might wish they didn’t make by season’s end on behalf of what they consider to be the greater good.

You can read the full interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

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