Simon Pegg Portrays Drunk Ron Weasley on The Tonight Show

This year for Harry Potter’s birthday, Simon Pegg and Jimmy Fallon gave fans a drunk Ron Weasley.

Harry Potter’s 35th birthday is coming up on Friday, but The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon celebrated a little early by catching up with his best friend– a crying, drunk Ron Weasley played by nerd-culture favorite Simon Pegg.

In a clear jest, Pegg pokes fun at Ron’s apparent jealousy of Harry, his relationship with Hermione, and more.

Ron Weasley is a much beloved member of the Harry Potter trio, known for his fierce loyalty and sharp humor. The films portrayed him as either the comedic relief or the moody one at times, which has often made him the best character for parodies.

Warning: This one isn’t too bad, but may not be appropriate for the kiddos.

While a jealous, drunk Ron Weasley that’s totally out-of-character is clearly all in good fun, fans need not worry. We’ve still got two more years before the “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue scene– the timeline of the story means that wouldn’t pan out until 2017– and Ron is still quite happy in his wonderful life at that point!


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