Six added to cast of Cinemax’s OUTCAST

Some major casting news has been released regarding the adaptation of Robert Kirkman‘s other graphic novel, Outcast. Cinemax’s Outcast added six to the cast, joining Patrick Fugit, who’ll be playing main protagonist Kyle Barnes.

The Office‘s David Denman will play a series regular as Mark Holter, Kyle’s brother-in-law via his sister Megan.


He’s a husband and father first — but a by-the-book small-town cop a close second. He loves his wife deeply, but his innate sense of justice is challenged by her loyalty to Kyle, whom Mark can’t forgive for his past transgressions.

Some of these new cast members will have a connection to Reverend Anderson, the preacher who aids Kyle.


Mad Men‘s Melinda McGraw will play recurring character Patricia MacCready, “a single mother and devout member of Rome’s Light of God Baptist Church and a regular at Rev. Anderson’s church teas.”  

Ray Donovan‘s Grace Zabriskie will play Mildred, “one of the old guard of parishioners at Anderson’s church. Full of spit and vinegar, Mildred lives alone and says what’s on her mind.”

Gang Related‘s Catherine Dent will play Rev. Anderson’s ex-wife, Janet.  Apparently, the reason for the split was due to “Anderson’s obsession with battling the forces of darkness, but she still can’t help but feel affection and sympathy for the man she once loved, the father of her child.”   

Defiance‘s Lee Tergesen will play Blake Morrow, “a former police officer on death row for murdering his partner’s wife.” 


And Star Trek: TNG alum Brent Spiner will play Sidney, “who appears in Rome soon after Kyle and Rev. Anderson successfully exorcize little Joshua Austin, his dapper appearance and smiling demeanor hiding a malevolence.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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