Sleek SHADOWHUNTERS Posters Tease the Shadow World

These latest Shadowhunters posters shows us how the Shadow World can be hiding in plain site

The Shadowhunters TV series is only days away and we can’t stop thinking about it! Of course, these sleek new Shadowhunters posters certainly don’t quell that excitement at all. Not only are the characters being brought to life, but the places that us fans are familiar with in the books are also a very important part of the Shadow World, and you can see how those behind the series are making them seem very much a part of our world.

Shadowhunters TV - Shadow World - Hotel Dumort

Shadowhunters TV - Shadow World - Jade Wolf

Shadowhunters TV - Shadow World - Pandemonium club

Shadowhunters TV - Shadow World - Hardtail

If you recall, the Pandemonium Club, which has been featured strongly in the trailers and teasers for the show, is where Clary first encounters Jace, Clary, and Alec as they question and the kill a blue-haired demon. The Hotel Dumort is where the New York vampire clan basically live. The Jade Wolf is an old, abandoned police station that serves as the werewolf pack’s headquarters. Hardtail is one that isn’t in the books, and thus we won’t find out what exactly its true purpose is. A possibility of it could be an entryway into the Seelie court, but there are many other options, so we’re looking forward to finding out what it could be.

Shadowhunters premieres Tuesday, January 12th, 9pm/8c!

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