SNL Sketch Ideas For Jennifer Lawrence


Now that Jennifer Lawrence has finally landed a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live we have to wonder about the nature of the skits she will be featured in,  Kat Rosenfield from Hollywood Crush was wondering the same an came up with a few ideas of her own!

“Hunger Games” hilarity
Whether it’s a riff on the series’ silly names or a send-up of the dystopian trend at large, fans will be violently disappointed if there’s no homage to Jennifer’s most widely-known role—so we can almost certainly expect something Hunger-Game-y to go down during her hosting gig.

“X-Men” Mystique
Jennifer’s role in “X-Men: First Class” is ripe for the picking; we’re picturing the entire cast decked out in prosthetic scales and all-over blue body paint for a sketch entitled “Mystique’s family reunion.”

A “Shore” thing
Why not? It’s been too long since Bill Hader strapped on his front-and-back sixpack to play The Situation—and we all know that Jennifer has an uncanny-accurate Snooki impression in her repertoire.

I agree it’s probably safe to say that The Hunger Games will play some role in this episode, though I’m sure whatever skits come out of this will be hilarious!