Columbia Pictures has acquired the film rights to YA novel, The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal. The Simon & Schuster title was published this November and is the first in a series.

The Lost Property Office

The book is described as Harry Potter meets Dr. Who and is about a 13 year old Jack Buckles who has the uncanny ability to locate missing things. Using his skills, he searches for his missing father, who disappeared from London one day without a trace. Jack discovers is father was a member of “The Lost Property Office”, a secret magical society of gifted detective “Trackers” who have served the Crown for centuries. Jack will uncover the great mysteries of London as he tries to bring his father home. To complete his quest, he must find what the evil Clockmaker is after, the Ember, which holds a secret kept since the Great Fire of London.

Matthew Stein is set to produce while Sony executives Palak Patel and Aimee Rivera will oversee the production.


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