Read our Spoiler-Free Review of Freeform’s BEYOND Premiere

BEYOND brings Freeform a refreshing sci-fi mystery/drama into its mix of young adult shows, and you just might like it.

When it comes to a new series, we always start watching it with some skepticism. There are so many good shows out there as it is, so when we’re faced with the idea of adding in another series to our list of shows to watch, we tend to be cautious of what new ones to add.

Does the story peak my interest? Are the actors convincing? Are the characters realistic? Is the action good or is the visual effects decent enough for me to suspend my belief?

Well, we take a look at the new Freeform series, Beyond, and answer those questions for you with our non-spoiler review of the premiere two-hour episode.

The basic premise centers around a young teen named Holden Matthews (Burkely Duffield) who goes into a coma only to wake up twelve years later, technically an adult. However, waking up to catch up with how the world runs seems to be the least of his problems, as he has gained unexplainable supernatural abilities and finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

The series has Heroes creator Tim Kring as one of its executive producers, which is understandable as Beyond some familiar elements of that popular show. However, it’s not all that similar to the aughts series.

Yes, the main protagonist, Holden, does have some powers that he can’t explain, and there might be people looking for him for their own reasons, but we learn enough about Holden to where he is a unique character. He’s not only trying to figure out how to live as an adult still learning how to talk to girls, but now he’s challenged with someone no ordinary human can help him to understand.

What we find out about him keeps us curioser and curioser; what we see with him and his family seems pretty relatable, and also keeps us intrigued, although sometimes his actions are somewhat questionable at times. Holden’s younger brother Luke, played by Jonathan Whitesell, seems to fit well as Holden’s guide, yet I can’t help but think there’s more to him than just being the brother.

The same can be said for pretty much all of the characters, and the first two episodes seems to give us just enough to keep our interest going into the future episodes without being frustrating or too revealing too early. Not only am I curious to find out what happened to Holden during the twelve years he was in a coma, I really am curious to find out more about the supporting characters.

You can feel Holden’s world unfold as you watch more and more. This is definitely a good start for a series that needs to establish a young and smart audience. It’s worth giving it a try. The actors seem like they are comfortable enough with their characters so far and are not stiff in their movements and lines, and they’ll only get better with time. And the visual effects are not overdone.

The series doesn’t really load itself with music video-like segments, which can be annoying. We hope that trend continues. So, give the series a chance, you just might want to add it to your must-watch list.

The great thing about giving beyond a chance is that you won’t have to wait each week for a new episode, because Freeform will release the complete first season of the series on all digital platforms, including the Freeform app,, On Demand and Hulu simultaneous with the two-hour television premiere on Monday, January 2, 2017 at 9pm EST!

So, if you like binging shows, keep this one in mind!

By Kait

Kait is a New Englander, a YA book and adaptation lover, and a Slythindor, as well as a red velvet and red wine enthusiast. She likes to like things. Catch her on Twitter: @kaitmary

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