Squeaky Books Interviews Allie Condie

Squeaky Books recently interviewed author Allie Condie about saying goodbye to the trilogy, writing, international publication and weird fan questions. Also, Allie did a fun mad-lib at the end of the interview.

What was the biggest thing you felt when you finished Reached? Was it hard to say “goodbye” to the trilogy? I know you recently said on your blog that you were writing something new, but did you have things in mind even before you finished the Matched books?

*The biggest thing I felt was bittersweet. It’s hard to say goodbye, but at the same time it feels like the story continues beyond the pages. It was my job to take the characters to a certain point…and then let them go. And that was a bit sad and exciting all at once. And yes, I did have ideas in mind for new stories even before I finished this trilogy. I am always getting new ideas. But I didn’t let myself really explore anything until I was done with REACHED–I’d take notes and write bits of a scene here and there, etc., but that was all.

You can check out the rest here!  Also, in addition to the interview, there’s a link to a giveaway hosted by The Shangri La of Books.  You can enter here.

What are your thoughts on the nearing end of the Matched trilogy?

Source: The-Society.net