Star City Joins Team ARROW To Take Down Damien Darhk In Finale Previews and Photos

ARROW recruits Star City for the final fight against Damien Darhk in “Schism”!

Arrow has given fans a crazed, controversial season, but it will all come to a head in the Season 4 finale episode, “Schism”!

As is the case with most big finales, the network is keeping pretty mum on the details of the finale. The official synopsis is only one sentence long, focusing on what we already know: That Arrow and co. are making their final stand against Damien Darhk.

Oliver teams up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all.

What is that “surprising force” helping out Oliver? As the preview shows, it’s the people of Star City. They’re not gonna take it anymore!

With so few details, this finale has all sorts of untapped potential. On top of a solid defeat of Darhk, we’re hoping for some big twists and character shake-ups.

Here are a few more glimpses at Arrow and his companions on the streets of Star City in the fury of battle, thanks to


The Arrow finale episode, “Schism,” airs May 25, 2016 on The CW.

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