STAR TREK BEYOND Boldly Goes To A New Release Date

STAR TREK BEYOND changes release date to offer up a bigger viewing experience.

Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the exciting Star Trek reboot series, is changing its date, but not because it’s running from any competition. According to the studio, there’s one large business reason to shift release dates: IMAX.

The 2016 science fiction adventure to moving back two weeks, from July 8th to July 22nd, because Warner Bros.’ planned Tarzan film has already secure the IMAX bid for the former opening weekend slot.

Still, the change doesn’t quite guarantee an IMAX presentation for the next Star Trek film. Paramount is gambling with rumors that Guy Ritchie and Charlie Hunnam’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur will be changing its release date from July 22nd to a later date, as that film already has an IMAX commitment as well. Should that film stay in place, Star Trek will have to shift its release date again or resign itself to the fact that IMAX just isn’t happening this time around.

After a little unease in the second film, we can only hope Star Trek Beyond and its new director, Justin Lin, boldly go in a direction fans will love!



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