STAR TREK Star Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away At Age 83

Leonard Nimoy, STAR TREK’s Mr. Spock died this morning in Los Angeles.

Many of us at The Fandom have STAR TREK to thank for our earliest introduction to science fiction and fandom in general, so we’re gutted to report that Leonard Nimoy– the original STAR TREK’s Mr. Spock– passed away this morning in his LA home at age 83. Nimoy suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which he attributed decades of smoking despite quitting over 30 years ago.

Nimoy and his STAR TREK co-stars were infamous for embracing the fans of their series wholeheartedly, inspiring spin-offs and generations of STAR TREK fans. Long after the original series end, he made recent cameo appearances in both STAR TREK (2009) and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (2013).

Nimoy, a Boston native, was a creator in every sense of the word– He was also passionate about poetry, photography, and music. He directed two of the START TREK films and even wrote and performed his own music about the series.

His companions have taken to the internet to mourn the loss:

Leonard captured his story beautifully in his final tweet:

He lived long and prospered. Now he will be missed greatly.