STAR WARS Gets Blasted In ‘Everything Wrong With RETURN OF THE JEDI’

‘Everything Wrong With RETURN OF THE JEDI’ takes on the faults in STAR WARS’ big finish!

Before the news of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit, Return of the Jedi was the penultimate Star Wars film for decades. Thanks to its big finish to Luke’s story complete with prison escapes, war, big reveals, and a happy ending, the movie won the hearts of fans. But as CinemaSins reminds us in ‘Everything Wrong With Return of the Jedi, there’s still plenty of rough moments that fans generally overlook!

Watch as the YouTubers break down the awkward dialogue, problems with the Jedi code, the carefully-timed unveiling of major secrets, and the overall awfulness of George Lucas’ edits to the 2011 Blu-ray edition.

We’ll say that in part, the “sins” collected here are a reflection of that era in movie making, though those supposed updates certainly didn’t help. The alien dance sequence… just… really?!

The somewhat unexpected sequel to this film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due out on December 18, 2015.

star wars return of the jedi.

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